Phile #1 Journals, Societies, and Research. Oh My!

17 Oct

Academic Societies and Member Benefits

As a birthday present to myself, I recently renewed (or restored) my annual membership in the prestigious Society of Biblical Literature, chiefly to gain access to it’s flagship journal, The Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL),  as well as selections from the Review of Biblical Literature (RBL) and courtesy access to the JSTOR online database and search function  ( ). To my joy I discovered that a benefit of membership allowed me to download previous issues of the Journal back to 2003. Needless to say there should be many, many gems to read and comment upon  to arise from this happy state of affairs. I also plan before year’s end to join the American Anthropological Association for the not-so-lofty goal of acquiring personal copies of its flagship journal,  American Anthropologist –nevermind what other benefits may accrue.

Research:  Social Vice No. 1!

This may seem strange at first glance, but two things should put your mind at ease oh seasoned blogaphile. One:   My major social vice (apart from the usual social vices associated with being male in contemporary society) -as anyone in my immediate family or circle of friends could tell you- is my propensity to carry a book around with me (and not-infrequently a pen and notebook) everywhere I go, and not just to the necessary room and restaurant. (In fact, I once took a notebook into a Cirque du Soleil show cause I thought I might receive some good ideas there, and I was right!) And things have only gotten worse with the introduction of first the Kindle, and now an iPad to my collection of writing and research implements.  Simply put…I like collecting reading material, and if i had a way to own the majority of academic books I have read from my first day in junior college, I could die a happy man.

Secondly, my two main intellectual research aims revolve around the seeking of a comprehensive humanistic understanding of the paths of knowledge (sacred and profane). These separate but not necessarily mutually-exclusive programmes are:  1) religious epistemology or the question of answering from a philosophical and theological point of view how we know that God has spoken to us -how we can speak of a “Supernatural” that  stands above, over, and against “Nature” and   2) the study of the nature, natural history, and makeup (biology and psychology) of Consciousness and it’s relation to Mind and Brain as a locus of the “mind-body” problem in natural philosophy (Science), and as a key to a reconciliation of religious and scientific epistemology, usually called the Faith – Reason or Science-Religion controversy.

Such an endeavor will utilize such disciplines as: Evolutionary Theory, Molecular Biology, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Neurophilosophy, Embedded Cognition, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Theology, Anthropology, even Literary and Art Criticism.  So the more sources I can gather and/or obtain access to, the better my analysis will eventually become.

It’s raining journals, Hallelujah!

There are a few other journals that I want to subscribe to as well, but then again, if I had my way, and had the resources, I’d join as many societies -just for the journal access-as I could, or if there was a website that offered affordable individual access to academic journals online, I’d subscribe to that, but most of the sites out there only sell subscriptions to institutions (hmm…now that’s an idea…incorporate myself as a research institute and gain access that way  *evil hand washing motions commences* ).

  1. Journal of Early Christian studies.
  2. Novum Testamentum
  3.  Anglican and Episcopal History
  4. Philosophy and Literature
  5. Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
  6. First Things
  7.  The Oxford American – The Southern Magazine of Good Writing
  8. Books and Culture: A Christian Review

I will of course add other titles as they come to me which of course means that this post may see constant revision, so don’t forget to check back fairly regularly to see what a mess I’ve gotten myself into with my intellectual eyes fighting it out with my intellectual stomach.

And that about wraps up this edition of the Philes.  Next up (hopefully) is Pile #2 “The Complete Jewish Bible”

Until then, Read on my fiends, and stay thirsty!

edited on 17 October for consistency. Last edited for content on 15 December


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