Meta-pile #2 Recent Acquisitions

18 Oct

Have accident, Will Buy Books

Living and driving in a major modern metropolitan area like Atlanta, traffic accidents are very nearly a fact of life -sooner or later the odds favor that any one driver will (probably) find themselves party to a fender-bender if not something more serious. Well, the next to the last week of September it was my turn (again). Let’s just say it was Ford versus Chevy, and the Chevy (a black, 4 door cab truck) came out the better of it. Thankfully there were no injuries, just various amounts of cosmetic damage. Oh yeah, and a ticket.

So, what is a guy to do after receiving a citation for “improper lane change” and dropping off his car at the dealership/collision center? Why, go shopping of course for a pick-me-up on the next day. That’s right, I took my borrowed car and headed down to my local used bookstore (in this case “The Book Nook” in Marietta) to load up on various offerings, in this case 9 books and 3 CDs -all in an attempt to take my mind off what had happened to me earlier.  And it worked -the allure of  story, music, and intellectual opportunity won me over.  And below I  share with you my allotment of ill-gotten gain, with perhaps a review or two (once I finally get around to reading this particular pile of philes, mind you. I am constantly amazed at how my intellectual eyes are always bigger than my intellectual stomach, at least in the short term).

Books (given in as close to the order that I picked them out as I can get by memory alone):

The problem of the soul: Two visions of mind and how to reconcile them / Owen Flanagan.  New York:  Basic Books. 2002. xvi, 364 p. Includes Bibliographic References and Index.

The Trostkys, Freuds, and Woody Allens: Portrait of a culture / Ivan Kalmar. New York: Penguin Books. 1993. 401 p.  Includes Bibliographic References and Index.

The Undead and Philosophy: Chicken Soup for the Souless / Richard Green and K. Silem Mohammad, eds. Chicago: Open Court. 261 p. Includes Index. “Popular Culture an Philosophy. George A. Reisch, series editor”

365 views of Mt. Fuji: Algorithms of the floating world / Todd Shimoda. Illustrations by L.J.C. Shimoda. Berkley, CA: Stone Bridge Press. 1998. xiii,  356 p. Illustrated.

Immortal Wishes : Labor and transcendence on a Japanese sacred mountain / Ellen Schattschneider. Durham, NC: Dale University Press. 2003.  xiv, 268 p. Includes Bibliographic References and Index.

The age of analysis: The Twentieth Century philosophers / Morton White. New York: New American Library. 1955.  253 p. — “The Mentor Philosophers” — [on the title page: “Selected, with introduction and interpretative commentary by Morton White.  A Mentor Book, published by The New American Library”] — [“First printing, September, 1955 Tenth printing, November, 1964”]

A short history of Chinese philosophy / Fung Yu Lan. Edited by Derk Bodde. New York: The Free Press. 1948. xx, 368 p. Includes Bibliographic References and Index. — “First Free Press Paperback edition 1966”

My life with the saints / James Martin, S. J. Chicago: Loyola. 2006. x, 411 p. Includes Bibliographic References

Assassin’s apprentice / Robin Hobb. New York : Bantam Books, 1996.  435 p. “The Farseer Triology: Book One”

CD Resources:

Sacred Fire: Live in South America / Carlos Santana. London/Umgd. 1993.

The Lonesome Jubilee / John Cougar Mellancamp. Polygram Records. 1987.

Confessions / Pillar. Essential Records.  2009.


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