Phile #4 Bibliographies and Blogs

15 Dec

or  “What do you do with a drunken blogger…early in the mornin?”

As is evident from previous posts, I am not shy about sharing bibliographies (whether or not I ever get around to reading the books on said bibliographies (though it is always my intention to do so), the fruits of my biblio-lunacy. I collect books like certain people collect fortune cookies fortunes, like  women collect shoes and purses, like otaku collect anime goods, and like dust-bunnies collect …well, more dust bunnies (I could add, “like tribbles produce other tribbles, but that’s stretching things a bit)

To prepare myself for undertaking formal (distance-learning) academic study again I  have taken up the noble and occasionally gentle art of blogging, of which Piles and Philes was but my first down-payment. At the same time, in order to meet my commitment to my Episcopal parish I have drawn up a three year schedule of book reviews (A fourth, provisional year has also been drawn up, but not finalized)

I hope to introduce these other blogs over the course of  the next year as I build up my intellectual stamina so to speak in preparation for this return to school for graduate-level work in the fields of history, humanities, philosophy, theology, and science (probably a combination of biology and evolutionary psychology).  I’m also going to share recently acquired bibliographies:  from Cobb  County Public Library, from Amazon, from other bookstores (especially Used or Secondhand bookstores) and from within the bowels of my preexisting personal library, targeted toward the blogs in question, to be added as meta-piles.

The Soul of Understanding

What this means is I’ll get to share more and more lists of books, so that together our gathered intellectual ambition can exceed  our reach. It also means  that, as the number of posted reviews in certain areas increases, I’ll be able to return to these books, organizing and integrating them into literature reviews and bibliographic essays for more comprehensive understanding With that said, my upcoming blog projects for 2013 include.

1 Earmarks and Porn: A Christian review of political culture  A blog which relies on book review of current and historical works on political philosophy, political events, biographies, and agendas, as well as the occasional scriptural commentary to build up a Christian understanding of politics in an age of increasing globalization and interconnectedness.

2 The Strange Affair of the Evolutionary Creationist:  A study in ideas that will review books along the creation-evolution, mind-body, science-religion, faith-reason divide (and just perhaps, supply me with research material and leads for an eventual dissertation), primarily pursued through (you guessed it) reading and reviewing other books in the hyphenated fields above, to build up my own understanding of issues,

3 Miihaa – The Clueless Fanboy Anime Review : for the love of Japanese and Anime culture -This little gem (the product of my major non-academic interests, (aside from fiction writing) offers for the interested reader reviews of anime series as well as books (and the occasional blog) about Japan and Japanese culture and society (including anime and other art forms), history, language, literature and religion, in an attempt to develop a proper understanding and context for the continued enjoyment of anime (at least insofar as a Gaijin like me can understand it. I plan, and hope, to include guest posts from fellow members of the AWA Video Room Staff (if not wider AWA Staff)

4 Walsingham Way: Pilgrim Thoughts on the Journey of Faith –  A personal devotional and theological blog (actually an existing, though dormant blog) where I could gather my thoughts on Jesus and Faith  framed by a threefold chord of Marian, Patristic, and Hebrew modes of understanding, naturally complemented by more reading and more reviews.

The Three Constants

The end of the matter is that I will be constantly seeking understanding, constantly studying, constantly putting to use the fruits of my reading in the pursuit of true wisdom. And if, at the end of another 40 years of life, I can claim a little increase of understanding of the ways of God and men, I will count those years well spent.

So, until we meet again, Keep reading, my friends!


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