Piles and Philes is an occasional, eclectic research and review blog, which is a grandioquent way of saying, I post reviews of books I read at random times. At the same time, each word in the above description is essentialNow, let’s break that down somewhat, shall we?

I hold a M.S.L.S. degree from FSU and 17 years later still work as a cashier in a grocery store. I divide my time, such as it is, between this manual labor which provides for my sustenance, reading books, acquiring even more books from bookstores, Amazon.com, or libraries, dreaming of well-written, widely lauded blogs, and watching anime (which is the subject of another blog, still in the making). To keep myself from going stir-crazy from the ever-shifting work schedule (even my off days are not guaranteed to be the same two days two weeks running), and to provide at least a modicum of an outlet for my aggregated neuronal activity, I chose to write book reviews, and to publish them on the web. You could call it vanity-publishing. I call it “any port in a storm”.

1)  Occasional It is occasional, both because it is occurring or appearing at irregular or infrequent intervals, and because it can be said to: arise out of a particular  occasion (my reading of a book);  [according to the dictionary definitions that is]

2)  Eclectic  It is  Eclectic, because like the great Graeco-Roman philosophical school of yore (and its legitimate successors)  it takes the best from everything, like a good generalist.

For more information, look here:  Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy http://www.iep.utm.edu/eclectic/   and  here 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia, provided by New Advent http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05276a.htm

3) Research.  It is a research blog because through it, I’m able to keep up with trends in scholarship, to hone my skills and analysis by maintaining a running commentary on what I read.

4) Review: It is a review because,  quite frankly, that is what I like doing, reviewing books (and other assorted and sordid media). The majority of people tend to write a review only for material that they really like or really hate, it is the unusual person who will write on a subject of indifference to him (apart from the writing of assigned essays and exams in high school grammar and composition classes). I plan to review a book whether good, bad, ugly, or indifferent -I owe it to the author who put his or her time and energy into writing it to give my response and comment upon what they have presented.

This blog will cover primarily books, but also other “piles”  movies and DVDs, anime and manga, music CD, performances, television shows, internet broadcasts,  as well as “philes” such as theology, philosophy, science and technology (from my layman’s perspective), anime, cultural studies (Japan, America, British, etc).

And, that’s what I’m about. So, until the next time, read on, my friends, read on.

Documented created on 10 October, 2012. Edited on 11 August, 2013. Last edited 7 June 2014


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